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Facebook Has Rolled Out The Biggest Change To Its Platform Ever.
Is Your"Old" Fanpage Now Obsolete?

Do you know...
The upgrade mistake trainers are making that can get your Fanpage PERMANENTLY DELETED?

Then you really need to check this out. You see, millions of fanpages (INCLUDING YOURS) has been "upgraded" whether you wanted it to or not. Facebook has changed FOREVER and if you miss out you will run the risk of losing precious leads. Every second counts...

So Let me ask you...
Are You Running Facebook Ads Now?
That's Good.
You're Not Getting 7-9 Leads Per Day?
That's Bad.
Are They Going to Your Old, Dated Fanpage?
That's Even Worse.

(You might as well flush your money down the toilet.)

I Have Cracked The Facebook Timeline Marketing Code

If you are running a Facebook ad now that is awesome. But if you are not getting at least 7-9 qualified leads per day you are doing it WRONG. It's takes more than just a catchy ad, It takes a proven system. Keep reading...

The One and Only "As Done-For-You as Humanly Possible" Facebook Advertising (Done Right) In-A-Box Model That Guarantees You Will:
  • Have you Up-to-Date with the latest Fanpage Timeline Changes in only minutes.
  • Have ads that "PULL" up and running in minutes.
  • Flood your email inbox with QUALIFIED leads.
  • Grow a MASSIVE & RESPONSIVE following on your Timeline Fanpage.
  • Optimize your ads for maximum effect with minimum investment.
  • Have an insanely targeted advertising, whether it is local or national.
  • Skyrocket your profits while decreasing your advertising budget.
  • Have Fanpage the squeezes out pure cash (well, not really, but close).
  • Have a PROVEN Auto Responder sequence that will convert like crazy.
  • An advertising campaign that is 100% on AUTO PILOT 24/7 - getting you clients even while you sleep.
  • And one last little thing, you'll ===>>>

(more likes = more fans = more clients = more $$$)

My Admission #1: I Have A.D.D.

It's true I have A.D.D. (attention deficit disorder). That basically means it's tough to keep my attention for long periods of time.

So I really hate it when I watch a video that is 45 minutes long when it should have only been 15 minutes - I mean get to the f'ing point.

So it is with that in mind that I created Fitness Facebook Funnel series. These videos are short and to the point. Do you want someone to babble on for long periods of time? Then go somewhere else. (I only babble on for a short period of time :)

You want to have an ad campaign that doesn't make you go broke. You want it to rain down leads daily, all with REAL TIME tracking so you can see it working. Plus know that your fan and email list is growing exponentially every single day.

Well boys and girls - Finally, someone got it right.

I can just cut to the chase and tell you that I crafted the ultimate Facebook advertising model that will put you on pace for 7-9 new leads per day! I truly wish I knew these secrets when I started advertising on Facebook, I literally wasted thousands and thousands of dollars. But I'm more than making up for that now! So let me explain what it does.

The Fitness Facebook Funnel Gives You The Tools You Need To Create a
Successful Facebook Marketing Campaign

  • #getDetailed Timeline Breakdown
    By now you've seen it, but that's not enough. You need to know what is going on behind the scenes. You MUST know what you clients and prospects will see and what will keep them engaged and coming back for more. I will teach you everything you need to know about this newly upgraded innovative and incredibly powerful marketing tool.
  • A Timeline Fanpage That Kicks Ass (and extracts client leads) Most Fanpages I see really suck. They fail at the most simple and yet most important task: GETTING MORE FANS.
    And let me be clear here: More Fans = More Clients = More Money.
    It's really that simple.
  • Ads That Pull
    It is not enough to put up an ad on Facebook that says "Hey I'm an awesome trainer, look at my pretty picture, click here!" That might have worked a few years ago when Facebook was in it's infancy - but not anymore. You gotta be creative (and crafty) to get ads that get approved by Facebook's approval gestapo and then get clicked
  • Know Where to Send the Click
    Let's be real, you have a website, and you have a Facebook account. Are you just going to send the people that click your ad to your web site? Sounds good right? WRONG! That is a good way to waste money though.
  • Get Your Ads Approved
    Facebook's approval process is supervised by a room full of trained monkeys. Well, not really but after your ad gets rejected a dozen times for what seems like no reason that is how you'll feel. There are tricks you can use to get approved (not 100%) but a helluva lot better than the average Joe.

  • Done for you Systems and Strategies
    I have been in the trenches learning what works (and what doesn't). It has cost me thousands of dollars in wasted advertising and WHO KNOWS how many clients I let slip through my fingers. No longer. And you do not have to make my mistakes because I have put together a done for you system that works. Well, it is as done for you as humanly possible, I can't do it all for you.


My Admission #2:
It's NOT Rocket Science.

I fully admit it does not take a genius to figure this shiz out
(I know because I was able to do it).

But if you go into any ad campaign half-assed or just plain do it wrong you are throwing away money and walking away from potential clients. And walking away from clients is walking away from long term revenue. Fitness Facebook Funnel hooks you up so you don't waste any time, or any money. So get it right, get it now and stop wasting your time with campaigns that do not work.

  • The First Ever PROVEN Trainer Facebook Advertising Model
    I put this system together with you, my fellow trainer, in mind. I put it in trainer-speak so you can see exactly how this social networking time waster that we all love can make you big bucks (and cost you very little). This system is created by a trainer for trainers.
  • Think You Need Search Engines?
    You can tell Google to pucker up and kiss your fit butt. Ok, maybe not the best idea. But what is so great about the Fitness Facebook Funnel system is that you don't have to worry about SEO (Search Engine Optimization of your web site) or keyword density or any of that crap. Facebook makes it simple to target the clients YOU want- like you have a laser sight strapped on your advertising campaign. Just pull the trigger and leads come streaming in...
  • Spend WAY more time doing what YOU really want (and not managing your campaign)
    Whether it's hanging out with your family, kicking back or just having fun, you need an advertising campaign that is running 24/7. Set it and forget it.
  • Getting The "Like"
    And I don't just mean getting some to click "Like" but understanding the importance of the "Like" - You must "get it" or you will let clients slip through your fingers.
  • Get clients AUTOMATICALLY - Even in your sleep
    There many amazing benefits to advertising on Facebook (done the right way) not the least of which is the ability to have leads pouring in all day, every day. Once you set up your campaign you are done- a constant stream of QUALIFIED leads delivered to your email inbox even while you sleep.
  • Gives you INSTANT feedback.
    Facebook gives you feedback in real time. Ad not getting clicked? Tweak and test so you do not waste a single dime on ads that do not work. Maximize your ad budget to get a massive return on your investment.
  • Get's People Talking
    Discover how this system teaches you step-by-step how to Leverage the Viral Nature of Facebook communication. One you get people talking, the leads come pouring in.
  • 100% Guaranteed
    Follow the Funnel system, get leads, get clients or get your money back. Simple enough?

So I guess you are wondering what you get? Well...

Your Fitness Facebook Funnel
System Includes:


The Fitness Facebook Funnel Module Madness
*** Exclusive Membership Access ***

The Fitness Facebook Funnel's™ exclusive membership site is jam packed with all the content you need to get your insanely effective ad campaign up and running within minutes (almost literally). Everything from the ad creation, fan page creation, (for maximum client squeezage) to how to convert those freshly squeezed leads into paying clients. And that is just the beginning...

Fitness Facebook Funnel V.3 Modules...

Here's What You'll Discover In This All New Content Updated and Optimized for the Fanpage Timeline updates.

  • Things You Must Do Now? -
    This is you "to-do" list. And it is short but important so get this done first thing. PLUS the one thing you MUST NOT DO (unless you want your fanpage permanently deleted.)
  • Default Landing Tabs Are Gone-
    The default landing tabs are gone for good. So what can you do now? I'll show you (and it's freakin' cool.)
  • Advanced Timeline Fanpage Features-
    Only about half of the update can be seen. The rest of the updates to the fanpages are "behind the scenes". I'll show you the coolest new feature we can use to make your fanpage suck clients in 24 hours a day.
  • The"Big 3" Funnel Options-
    There is more than one way to skin a cat, and there is more than one way to funnel your Facebook leads. It comes down to what you want - Build your fanpage tribe with more Likes, grow your email List or get some actual sales. I'll show you 3 separate funnels that have been PROVEN to work like nothing else.
  • Ad Targeting & Creation 2012-
    How we place ads has changed. How we target ads has also changed. Discover how these changes effect how we communicated with Facebook users and what we can do to keep cost down and ROI up.
  • The Big Change & Your Campaign-
    Things have changed forever. How do these massive and sweeping changes effect users and more importantly how we market our services to our prospects without sounding like a spammy jerk. It is important to get it right the first time, because you will not get a second chance.
  • Free Custom Fanpage Tabs in Minutes-
    There are tools out there that make Fanpage creation a snap. I have uncovered some of the best resources out there and I'll show you how to use these tools to look like a pro (without screwing things up.)
  • MASSIVE 450+ Image Swipe File
    What gets the best engagement on Fabebook? IMAGES! (but good ones are hard to come by) I have been collecting Facebook ready images for well over a year. You have complete access to over 400 images that you can use to instantly create a viral buzz.
  • Advanced Photo Posting
    (for maximum engagement)

    Think you know how to post a photo on Facebook? Most people do it COMPLETELY WRONG. Use my advanced posting formula to get maximum engagement including massive Likes, Comments and Share to make sure you EdgeRank is through the roof!
  • Leveraging Google Images
    Google images is a GOLD MINE for fitness marketing. There are some pretty cool tricks a hacks we can use to find the highest quality images to legally re-purpose on Facebook. (You can also see who is stealing YOUR copyrighted stuff with this one cool trick.)
  • What's In a Name?-
    What did you name your fanpage? Does it suck? Did you make a mistake? I'll show you a hidden feature (that FB is not making public) that allows you to change your fanpage name.
  • Tell Me a Story-
    Story ads are confusing as hell. I'll tell you which ones are worth your time and which ones to stay away from. Do it wrong and you be throwing your money away. Do it right and you'll have to hire another trainer to handle all the new clients.
  • Selling on Facebook?
    Is it possible to make a sale on Facebook. Yes and no. This is another VERY tricky area. Do it wrong and you will quickly alienate your list. I'll show you the right way so you can make some dough quickly and have your clients thanking your for being so awesome.
  • Squeeze Me (Video Templates)
    Setting up an optimized video squeeze pages can be a pain in the ass. Especially if you don't know HTML code. I'll hook you up with 5 done-for-you templates that are as plug-n-play as possible. Squeeze every last prospect leans and client with these optimized-for-timeline squeeze pages..
  • Even More..
    I am furiously making more videos to cover all the changes, WAY more than I can list on this page. Register Below to see all the new content.

My Admission #3: Bad News...

I have some bad news: No one goes to buy stuff on Facebook.


That is just now why we as users go there. We go to be entertained, to socialize - hell even just to kill time. But as of now, we do not log on to Facebook to go shopping.

So trying to sell fitness off the page will fail . But Facebook has a built in magic: It's inherent viral communication nature. And when you follow my proven system you can leverage this communication virus to create lasting relationships with our leads and prospects that will (easily) convert them to paying clients when you follow my simple system.

*Also Included* All The Killer
Fitness Facebook Funnel V.2 Modules...

Here's What You'll Discover In "Killing It With Facebook Overview":

  • Why Use Facebook? - I mean really. Why pay for ads on a site where people go to waste time? I'll tell you why.
  • The Mighty Face(book) - Do you know what women do before they go to the bathroom in the morning? They check Facebook. This is a fact. There are some other facts you might be interested in too. When we understand HOW people use Facebook we can better communicate with them and get them to WANT to buy from us.
  • Interruption Marketing: What the hell does that mean? With in minutes you'll know, plus you'll know how to COMEPLTELY interrupt Facebook users and get them interesting in what YOU have to say (or sell).
  • Educate, Communicate & Socialize- How you talk on Facebook can make or break your social marketing. YOU MUST COMMUNICATE in the appropriate voice or your campaign (no matter how much you spend) is DEAD.
  • Facebook Hates You
    It's true. Facebook hates you. Well, you the marketer. You are pure evil. But you are also a necessary evil. Facebook has a different priority. Find out what it is and use it to your advantage you evil genius.
  • Top 5 Marketing Errors
    You are making mistakes right now on Facebook that is not only costing you money, but costing you both future and current clients. This video spells out these mistakes and shows you how to EASILY avoid them

In "Free Marketing Tactics and Strategies" You'll Discover

  • 19 Absolutely Free Facebook Marketing Tactics
    Just because it is free does not meant it is not awesome. Some of these strategies are so simple it will blow you mind.
  • Tagging at The Heart Strings
    Seems simple right? Well are you doing it right? This video shows you how to tag like a pro and look like an hero in the process .
  • 7 Advanced Tagging Tactics
    These little known tagging tricks will put you ahead of your competition plus make your clients love you. Gotta love the love.
  • Checking In
    If you your clients are not check in in then they might as well be checking out (your competition). Do it now - incentivize your clients and stand back and the leads fly in.

  • Let's Make a Deal
    Want to really stand out? Let's make a deal. A Facebook deal that is. This simple and free trick get current clients to love you and future clients to sign up.
  • QR Code Curious?
    These crazy looking computer codes will put you ahead of the curve. One thing you MUST DO is get your offline clients to go online (more on why in the course). Connecting a QR code to your social marketing funnel is free and makes you look like a futuristic computer whiz (even if you're not)


In "Positively Perfect Place Page" You'll Discover

  • The Place To Be
    Got a brick and mortar (and actual physical location? business? Then without question you need a place page.
  • Making The Place
    Make your place in 60 seconds. And Make is count. It is not enough to just "have" a place. You need to "claim" it before your competition does.
  • To Merge or Not to Merge...
    Do you merge your Place Page with your Fanpage? Why or why not? Find out before you screw it up and can't go back.


In "Fanpage Funnel System" You'll Discover

  • Fanpage Basics
    What the hell is a "Fanpage" and why do you need one? If you do not know you need to or your competition will leave you in the dust. Get your fan on.
  • Fanpage Anatomy
    There are 7 distinct areas of the Fanpage you must know about now. These 7 areas are critical to your success.
  • The 60 Second Fanpage
    Want to make a new Fanpage? Do it in 60 seconds. It is easier than you think.
  • Before You Start...
    You have to walk before you can crawl. This video tell you what you systems MUST be in place before you can turn on the Fanpage client spout.
  • Creating Your Unique Funnel
    Your prospects are waiting for you on Facebook. When you have an enticing offer they will GLADLY give you not only the "like" but their other vital info (email) too. Get your funnel set up right. Customize your URL, your Fanpage name and get your tabs popping.
  • Fanpage SEO
    Does your Fanpage show up on the first page of Google? Well it should. Did you know Google ranks Fanpages? They do. This video shows you how to do it so you outrank your competition.
  • Your 5%
    There are certain things you need to do yourself, that only you can do because no one can do it better. That is your 5% - But in all likelihood creating graphics is not one of them. Find out how to get it done fast and cheap.
  • Leverage Your List
    Got an email list already? Learn what you MUST do to leverage that list and exponentially grow your fan base with a few simple clicks.


In "Creating Ads That Work" You'll Discover

  • Basics Ad Anatomy
    There is one part of the ad that is responsible for 70% of the click. Want to know what it is and how to use it to your advantage. This video shows you.
  • The New Ad Funnel
    There is what worked 6 months ago and there is what works now. Which one are you using? Find out what works now and dominate it.
  • Ads That Don't Suck
    5 tactics you must employ to get clicked. Remember, you can always get clicks - but how much are you going to pay for it. Use these tactics and get qualified click for as cheap as possible.
  • Before You Start...
    You have to walk before you can crawl. This video tell you what you systems MUST be in place before you can turn on the Fanpage client spout.
  • Creating Your Unique Funnel
    Your prospects are waiting for you on Facebook. When you have an enticing offer they will GLADLY give you not only the "like" but their other vital info (email) too. Get your funnel set up right. Customize your URL, your Fanpage name and get your tabs popping.
  • Fanpage SEO
    Does your Fanpage show up on the first page of Google? Well it should. Did you know Google ranks Fanpages? They do. This video shows you how to do it so you outrank your competition.
  • Your 5%
    There are certain things you need to do yourself, that only you can do because no one can do it better. That is your 5% - But in all likelihood creating graphics is not one of them. Find out how to get it done fast and cheap.
  • Leverage Your List
    Got an email list already? Learn what you MUST do to leverage that list and exponentially grow your fan base with a few simple clicks.

*PLUS* All The Fitness Facebook Funnel V.1 Modules...

Here's What You'll Learn In Module 1:

  • Why Use Facebook? - I mean really. Why pay for ads on a site where people go to waste time? I'll tell you why.
  • The Mighty Face(book) - Do you know what women do before they go to the bathroom in the morning? They check Facebook. This is a fact. There are some other facts you might be interested in too..
  • FB vs. Print- Print advertising kicks ass. Or does it? Let's compare it to Facebook's potential.
  • FB vs. Emailing - So you have an email list? Let's look at how Facebook compares to emailing your list..

Here's What You'll Learn In Module 2:

  • The Wrong- You can make money doing it wrong. But chances are you're letting sales slip through your fingers.
  • The Right - Doing Facebook ads right takes more effort it's true, but the rewards in terms of leads, clients and sales make it all worth it.
  • The Squeeze - This is where I show you just how powerful a squeeze page can be.

Here's What You'll Learn In Module 3:

  • You got what you need?- You can't just place an ad and make money - sounds nice but it doesn't work like that.
  • Vision without Site - It's awesome that you have a vision. But that will mean nothing if you do not have site - a website that is.
  • The Rest - Aside from a kick ass "sales" page there's other stuff you'll need - I'll explain it all.


Here's What You'll Learn In Module 4:

  • Facebook Sucks- 99% of your ads will not get approved the first time you submit them. While that might be an exaggeration, that is EXACTLY how it will feel.
  • What the Facebook?- Did they really just do that? You'll see real examples of Facebook's seemingly random decisions.
  • Overcome the Suck - Learn the powerful and sneaky techniques to get your ad approved almost every time.

Here's What You'll Learn In Module 5:

  • The click is just step one - The click is truly just the beginning. Once they click then what?
  • The Timing - Fitness is a game of seconds and if you do not strike while the iron is hot you lose: No new leads, no new clients.
  • The Sequence- Learn the step-by-step method created by one of the industry's top gurus (and edited by me) that you can literally cut and paste to lure in clients like moths to a flame. A healthy, fitness flame that is.

Here's What You'll Learn In Module 6 :

  • The Ad- In this module you'll learn the secrets to making an awesome ad the really pulls in the clicks while avoiding the common pitfalls.
  • Laser Target - Advertising to all Facebook's 500 million users is plain stupid. You need to lock on to your TARGETED market - the clients you want. Here's how.
  • Excuse Me? - Learn the top techniques to "interrupt" Facebook users from their normal boring tasks so they click on YOUR ad.


Here's What You'll Learn In Module 7:

Got the picture? You will...
  • Image after image ready for you to use and post to your Facebook ad campaign
  • Headline brainstorm
  • This short but sweet module will help you decide what images will work for your ad.



The World's Top Trainers:
"This System Kicks Ass"

Just Take a Quick look at What These Elite
*6 & 7 Figure* Trainers Have To Say...

"7 Figure" Sam Bakhtiar...


"Ex - Fat Chick" (Current Awesome Chick) Leanne Ellington...


"Boardroom Babe" Trainer Extraordinaire, Lindsay Vastola...


"Fitness Over 40" Canadian Queen, Shawna Kaminski...


Exercise For Injury Guru, Rick Kaselj ...


Bakersfield Bootcamp Bad Boy, John Thompson...

In-Home Training King, Andrew Stearns...


Syncing (Fitness) in Seattle, Sara Dean...

Vegas Bootcamp Mad Man, Justin Blum...

7 Figure Canadian Heavyweight, Rob King

"Fitness Over 40" Canadian Queen, Shawna Kaminski...

Jonas "Honey Badger" Deffes...

Straight Up Bootcamp Stud Boy, Michael Duivis...


Vancouver Body Mover, Jonathan Lerner...

Sako "No Limits" Yakinian

Chi Town Bootcamp Mobster, Dustin Martorano...

The Fat Loss Ninja Dan Go...

Re-Thinking Weight Loss (Like a) Boss, Mithcell Lee

The Body Wizard of The Gold Coast , Brett Cambell


Not Building Your List = Missing the Boat


If you are not CONSTANTLY building your list you are missing the boat (and potentially big $$$).

And if you think you FANPAGE is not the most POWERFUL LIST around, you are NUTS!

Let's be honest, most people clicking your link are not going to buy from you the FIRST time (some will) but most will need some lovin' first. That is why we build relationships with clients - so they grow to know, like and (most importantly) trust us.

That is why collecting likes, and building our lists is so vitally important. So we can continue our relationship building with our prospects. They will grow to know, like and trust what we say and when it comes time, they will buy from us.

This is where the Fitness Facebook Funnel really shines. It will show you EXACTLY how to create a squeeze page (or use a pre-done template) that will make prospective clients WANT (and almost beg) to give you their email. Nothing underhanded or sneaky, just solid and proven tactics.


Want some overly puffy bullsh!t bonuses that don't add any actual value?


All I have to offer is this triple threat of technological awesomeness that will simplify your life and your business and give you more free time to do whatever the hell you want. If you want to do more work in less time then get these bonuses!

Here's What You'll Learn In BONUS Modules

oDesk - Oh Yeah...
($47 Value)

I'm not going to lie - some of the stuff here will go over your head. Like some of the coding crap.

And here is my advice:

DO NOT waste your time learning HTML, Flash or any of that crap!!!

In this bonus you'll learn the art of outsourcing your coding needs for pennies compared to what you would spend on a local web designer.


Live it Up and Post Like a Pro
($67 Value)

There is a little known program out there that can make posting to your blog 10 times easier and way faster. 

After I showed this awesome little app to top trainer Leanne Ellington she is quoted as saying "I just had a blogasm."  It's true - That’s what she said.


Rule the Universe w/ Google Voice
($77 Value)

Technically speaking you will of course have to battle Steve Jobs for total control of all things, but Google Voice can help.

  In this bonus I will teach you how to use this insanely awesome telephony tech toy to rule your corner of the Universe and never miss a call, text for free and make calls from your all new "business line" – all the while coming off like an absolute pro. I pimp this service out to always stay in touch with clients and prospects.


FYI - These bonuses alone are worth more than the entire cost of the program.

Craig Ballantyne

But Wait,
Let Me Ask You a Question...

How Much Would You Pay To Have Prospects, Leads and Clients Raining Down on You 24/7 - All on Auto-Pilot 365 Days a Year, Even While You're Sleeping?

So how much???

I've seen similar programs sell for well over $1000 in the internet marketing space. And truthfully, those products are no where near as through and step-by-step as Fitness Facebook Funnel.

However, you're not going to pay anywhere near $1000 for Fitness Facebook Funnel. Because I wanted to be sure that I priced this thing so that EVERY fitness professional who was serious about getting more clients from Facebook could get their hands on this never before taught marketing system.

To get instant LIFETIME access for the one time fee of $399 (and save over $100) just click the link below.

That's it! . That secures your LIFETIME ACCESS.

So here's what I want you to do next....

Oh yeah... My Personal Guarantee to You

If you faithfully follow my by step by step guide and have not AT LEAST covered the cost of your investment in your first 90 days I WILL PERSONALLY create your Facebook Marketing Funnel. Your success if my ultimate goal. Fair Enough?

Don't waist another minute,or even second running crappy ads that fall flat and don't deliver you QUAULITY leads daily. Order the Fitness Facebook Funnel and dominate your market.

I am truly looking looking forward to hearing your success stories as you plug the Fitness Facebook Funnel into your business and you watch it just explode.

The Fitness Facebook Funnel Freak,
Joshua Carter

P.S. Remember this is a a proven system with tested and guaranteed results - I mean just check out those testimonials again. I've taken the hits and done it completely wrong (and thankfully learned from my mistakes) so now you don't have to. Don't hesitate- take action now so you don't miss out.
Order Fitness Facebook Funnel Now ===>>



P.P.S: I actually added a few more BONUS videos last minute, you'll want to check those out too. I seriously hope you are prepared to train all your new clients... Order Fitness Facebook Funnel Above Now

P.P.P.S: Think this is complicated? It's not. I purposefully made this program to be used my not only the nerdiest among us (like me) but the more technically challenged among us.
Like this guy ===>>>